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Smart Home Devices

Home Automation

Starting at $50

Having a smart home provides convenience, security, comfort, cost-savings, and entertainment immediately. We will install and provide training on how to use these powerful, yet simple devices. Imagine having your own personal assistant letting you know who's at your door, let them in or tell them to go away, set your temperature, play the music you love, and protect your most important assets all at the same time. 

Services include:


  • Installation of any smart device

  • Connect to all other devices and calibrate

  • Provide comprehensive tutorial, allowing you to use these devices as you wish

  • Suggest optimal settings and placement of the devices

  • Assist you with purchasing and upgrading out-dated equipment

Smart Device Install, Nest, Ring, Doorbell Install, Routers, Wifi, Thermostat Install


Home Automatio: Pricing

Finished Photos

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